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JKD Plastics

  • Category :Web Development
  • Date :25 June, 2018
  • Client :Oniblue

JKD Plastics

JKD Plastics is a famous brand to replace your wood-related problems of interior and exteriors of the building. We are the ultimate PVC board manufacturers for giving a comfortable living lifestyle. We are here with an environment-friendly alternate of this problem that is WPC Board. The JKD Plastics is the best place to buy alternate of plywood because of the following reasons:

  • WPC boards come with assured quality.
  • WPC can be moulded into various shapes and sizes.
  • WPC material is highly fire-resistant.
  • It is an environmentally friendly material which is safe to use.
  • It is a hopeful and cost-effective substitute for plywood.

Gather all information

JKD Plastics have perfect and attractive content that makes a perfect website in increasing the growth of the business. Still, there is low search for the Keyword that should be ranked on Google as of these issues the Company was facing some problems when it came into existence that was as follows:
Q- How could customers aware more about the WPC board?
The Company should be well known about the benefits of the WPC board.

Q- How do People get to know about their products offered?
The Company offers products PP shuttering Board, Celuka PVC Foam Board, WPC Door Frame, PVC 3D Sheets and Prelam Foam Board but through which medium the people get to know about the products offered.

Q- How to compete with their competitors selling the relevant products?
In the highly competitive market to compete with other competitors, what will be the best strategy for maximizing the sales.


Find Solution & Solve it

While going through the web, they found us on Google with organic search as the best Local SEO Company in India. After that, we audited their complete website and found some missing factors and fixed those according to Google or other search engine algorithms and promised: “JKD Plastics” for tremendous rise in their sales with proper steps. Like,
1. Social Media is a big platform to promote a business with SMO services using Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, the Company and its products get a digital presence.
2. Our professional team will help with Email marketing to give daily leads for sales.
3. With SEO services including On-page and Off-page, the Business website got ranked on top page of the google and other search engines.
4. Content marketing helps the Company to promote their Blogs, Articles. So, people can find them and approach them.


Finally, Get the Result

After implementing all the mentioned strategies, the company “JKD Plastics” is getting rank 10 out of 10 targeted keywords, and most of the keywords are on the first page of Google, Yahoo and Bing…which is helping to get more organic visitors and business from the website.

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